Scout II gauge overlays

Refresh those gauge gotta look at 'em, after all!

This is a new product that we are working on.  Please let us know if you need a set like the originals with temp, oil, alternator, fuel readings or if you are switching over to volts.  We can do either.  We can do with or without numbers.  The ones pictured have the number readings and are for volts.


It's no secret that the factory gauges in the Scout II, Terra, Traveler and D Truck series..well...sorta leave you wanting more.  We have remedied it for the guys who don't want to replace the gauges with a whole new set.  We make these decals to place over the existing metal face plate on the stock gauges, but added numbers to the temp and oil pressure gauges so you can have some rough idea of what your engine is actually trying to tell you.  No guarantees that the numbers/gauges/senders are actually playing well together to give an accurate reading, because we ARE still dealing with IH factory gauges here!  Combine this with the new clear lenses from our friends at "Rust Lives", and you have them lookin' like new!

*These are fairly tough to install, in all fairness.  The gauges need to come apart by drilling some rivets out, and being careful not to bend the needles, etc.  We recommend stripping off the old numbers and letters, and painting the metal faces black, then applying the new vinyl decals to the faces.  Some trimming and fitting of the vinyl will be required as well.

We can do these with any color combination, we can change the ammeter to voltage, etc, etc.  Just email us and ask, we'll likely be able to make all of your gauge dreams come true.

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