Scout II dash knobs

New billet aluminum knobs for your switches and controls
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Obviously, these are NOT original style knobs.  We found knobs on the market, and created a vinyl label for on them that looks similar to the original, but these are MUCH better quality than the 40 year old plastic ones in your Scout!  These are billet aluminum, knurled on the outer edge, and ALL attached via a set screw!  WHAT?!  That's right, you can put the ViseGrips back in the tool box, because your hood release knob won't be popping off in your hand anymore.  You're welcome.

These are sold by the piece, or by set.

The knobs for the hood release, wiper, and 4x4 (if equipped with the single speed transfer case) all simply attach to the existing cable end via the included set screws, but you may want to trim the cable end back a hair so that the knobs sit closer to the dash for a better look.  For the headlight knkob, you have to pull (literally) the OEM knob off the shaft (shaft not included), and replace it with the new one.  For the lighter knob, I ship it mounted onto a threaded insert that simply screws in place of the OEM knob (lighter element not included).

These are available in silver or black finish.  Also note we can provide custom knobs for any other accessories you have added to your truck...auxiliary lighting, or whatever.  We can also provide you with custom colored logos...say you want red or blue, not white...we can do that.  For anything custom, please contact us via phone or email to discuss your needs directly.

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