LS Engine Mounts for Scout II

More power, better mileage, EFI, Overdrive, and more!

These are the mounts we have created for those of us wanting more of all the good stuff in our Scout II's: Power, mileage, parts availability (both replacement AND aftermarket), and drivability.  These mounts are made to make an LS based truck or car engine fit into a Scout II, Terra, or Traveler.  They do require welding, but we make it as simple as we can for you.  Watch the video here:

If you have any questions, please call and ask! 

Check out our positioning jig, which is seen in the video, for an easier installation.  We now only use one jig for the drivers side.  It is $250 extra (We have had to increase the price of the jigs to this ridiculous number because we never receive them back.)  They are FULLY REFUNDABLE once returned to our shop in good condition.  We recommend that you get these.  Without them, you are on your own for getting these puppies welded in there in the right spot!  These do come and go, as we are at the mercy of other customers returning them in a timely manner, but if we do not have them in hand, we will let you know.  We try...with five sets to our name, but folks don't always return them quickly! 

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