LS 4L60e transmission mount

Transmission for LS swaps with 4L60E transmission

**PLEASE not that this is a newly redesigned part!  While we used to have this made from 3 separate pieces that we welded together, it is now a single part that we cut on our CNC in house.  Result is a much nicer looking produce that still saves you time and money, while being super easy to install if you have a welder.**

This little piece will allow you to reuse your stock transmission mount crossmember, and if you choose to you can even reuse your existing rubber/polyurethane transmission mount itself.  Very cool piece, very simple install.  Center it up on your stock crossmember and weld it in place.
This is a 3/16" thick cnc cut metal part that we make in-house, allowing the use of your pre-existing TF727 automatic or T-19 manual transmission's actual rubber/polyurethane mounting pads and transmission crossmember, but allowing them to be bolted to the Advance Adapters brand adapter between the GM 4L60e, 4l65e, or 4L70e automatic and a Jeep Dana 300 transfer case.  If you are using anything besides this Advance Adapter, I cannot say that this mount will work for sure.  IT WILL NOT WORK WITH A 4L80e or a 6L80e.  IT WILL NOT WORK with an NP241 transfer case.  It WILL ONLY WORK with a 4L60e, 4L65e, or 4L70e with Advance Adapter as described above.  It will only work with engine mounts from Scoutco, in the position set by our jigs.  Please do not ask if it will work with any other combo. 

We have the option for you to purchase the polyurethane mounting pads and hardware kit along with the mount adapter.  Please choose if you would like us to add the poly pads or not!

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