Welcome to the IH area of this site! This is where we get to have a little fun while trying to help fund my addiction. We hope to constantly be adding products. Take a look around and tell us if there's anything we can help you with...
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1970's style IH decal

Picture of 1970's style IH decal
Traditional red-n-black man on a tractor logo, with thin white border.


Cornhole Board decals

Picture of Cornhole Board decals
Decals for your cornhole board


LS 4L60e transmission mount

Picture of LS 4L60e transmission mount
Bolt on mount for LS/4LxxE transmission


LS Engine Mounts for Scout II

Picture of LS Engine Mounts for Scout II
More power, better mileage, EFI, Overdrive, and more!


Overdrive shift gate

Picture of Overdrive shift gate
700r4, 4L60e, etc? You need this!


Proud decal

Picture of Proud decal
Reproduction decal for IH employees from the 70's


Scout II poster

Picture of Scout II poster
Scanned from a 1977 sales brochure